We the sole responsible to take care of every product quality as per the client belief and we look at section wise process from the beginning stage to till shipment. Now please could see our service infrastructures as Follows :

What’s our 15 STRENGH?

  • Making Sampling.
  • Lab testing Products.
  • Attractive product prices with negotiable.
  • Low minimum order quantity requirements.
  • Competitive shipping rates.
  • Status updates to clients weekly.
  • Monitoring Inspection on Line before Shipment.
  • Instruct to maintain customer regulations
  • Extensive and well established supplier network.
  • Handle logistic issues and supervise all shipment dates by Vessel/Flights.
  • Given transparent information timely.
  • Active supplier development regarding environmental questions, working conditions, safety for workers, communication, etc.
  • Personnel on-demand quality inspections by Tailorway Exports inspectors.
  • Follow-up until the customer is satisfied.
  • Time to time season wise submission of Samples for Buyers approval.

Compliance : We follow all guidelines so that manufacturing is done with a social conscience and according to local & International laws

Sourcing : We find you the right vendors and assist you in getting the Best prices, Samples, Production follow up, Quality as per international standard and timely deliveries.

R&D : We work closely with you on all technical aspects to ensure that together we can build the best value of consignment…

Production and Follow-up : You stay fully updated at all steps and have time & actions for your each shipment to make your comfort and on time execution of orders.

Quality Assurance : We assure to deliver the quality as per customer satisfaction processes on all stages an impressive range of products can be purchased in any quantity. The end product is finally released only after the approval of a team of trained quality control personnel, in order to ensure that we export the finest products.

LOGISTICS: On behalf of our customers, Tailorway Exports takes care of all logistic matters front of our representative to avoid any discrepancy and make our satisfaction and co-ordinate with forwarder for vassal ETD/ETA, Bill of lading, Certificate of Origin, GSP Form “A” etc.. To dispatch shipping document on time to our customers in getting the products from the factory to its final destination.

Using the total freight volume for all of our customers, we negotiate the very best shipping rates which each customer can profit from the liners. Suppliers normally require large volumes before accepting orders. However, since our combined business for our customers is large and since we place most of our orders through suppliers that work exclusively or chiefly for us, our customers usually get full attention even for the smallest orders.

For FCL consignment (Full Container Loads), Tailorway Exports will instruct the shipping agent to deliver the container directly to its final destination or its client warehouse safely.

For LCL consignment Low Container Loads), the goods are loaded into a container together with goods to other customers, and delivered to the destination client agent. Tailorway Exports will instruct the shipping agent what goods to be delivered to what final addressed by the client.

Our worldwide clients… We follow all guidelines so that manufacturing is done with a social conscience and according to local & International laws

We supply quality of products, we have been partnering with companies such as supermarket chains, small medium grocery stores, restaurants/hotels/resorts suppliers, traders as well as large wholesalers, importers and distributors. We have clients in countries around the world from.

We have nurtured a well-established business network that is spread in various parts of the globe including Middle East. Our formidable network enables us to make time bound and efficient delivery in all the markets.

Our major markets are : UAE, London, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ireland, China, Japan, Greece, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Reunion, SriLanka, Maldives, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, Chile, Banama, Nigeria and Bangladesh and many more.

We constantly supervise all of our customer’s orders and shipments to minimize the risk of delays.

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